Deluxe Rooms

We offer a touch of its class. Sea facing family rooms with all modern amenities!

Standard Rooms

All standard rooms enjoy the cozy and comfort of a beach resort and with all modern amenities!

Exceptional sea facing rooms

We carry the touch of traditional Kerala Vasthu with the modern amenities which help your stay at Sunville Beach House special. You can enjoy the Sea View from the balcony of each Room*

Room & Property Features

Living Room and Washroom and Sea facing balcony, Sea view from the room* (We have both Sea facing and Village View Rooms for both Standard and Deluxe Rooms, Please check with the representative)
Sea facing spacious Balcony with relaxing chairs, Rooms with good ventilation with or without A/c, fan.
Dressing Table and Wooden cupboard
Bathroom with solar heated hot water,
Free Wifi, Garden Chairs at sea facing Property front & Room service

Need More Info?

We love to hear from you! Please keep in touch with our representative, if you require further information about our resort or about what is special now at Muzhappilangad Beach!